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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  May 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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another path. >> ted cruz calls it quit. how his big announcement really changes the race for the white house going forward. the push to legalize marijuana in california is gaining momentum. we'll tell you what are the chances of it getting on the november ballot. 7:00, wednesday may 4th. i'm gasia mikaelian >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather. steve is seeing rain. >> we are seeing rain on the north bay. cooler, not a lot but that's a sign of things to come. there are some thunderstorms. that's early to be developing. that's telling you the potential of this low getting closer and closer. around calistoga, up to parts of lake county, northern
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sonoma county. and a little cool there for tomorrow. back to sonoma, santa rosa, not much but looks to be increasing here. marin county and right along the san mateo coast and in san francisco. look at the sign of thunderstorms coming up on 5. that's a sign of things to come here. this sends a lot of instability. cloudy, cooler, light rain in the mix, thunderstorm in the valley continuing throughout the day. the cooling continues. a lot of 60s here on the temps. sal, 7:01. any reports of rain? >> not in the main part of the bay area. bay bridge, east bay, san francisco, yes, but, in sonoma county and parts of marin county and to the north, as you said. that's causing traffic to be slow. steve, of course, spot on with
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his weather. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is not a big delay. car pool lanes are doing very well. no major problem on to the stand. 880 is slowing early. slow. usually, if it's slow, it's 7:02 which leads me to below there he is something going on here. a crash southbound 880, just after the colyseum. maybe some rubber necker going on. we are looking at the mi knits freeway, a little bit farther south. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >> donald trump is now the presumptive republican nominee now that his closest competitor ted cruz dropped out after trump won big in indiana. we'll take a look at what is almost certain to be the
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general matchup in indiana. >> this looks like it will be the matchup. the caveat is that bernie sanders is still in the race on the democratic side and jayme -- and john kasich still running on the republican side. we now know that november will almost be a showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton. indiana aggressiving trump a larger than expected victory and forces ted cruz to run out. >> this has been an amazing evening. i didn't expect this. i didn't expect this. what ted did was a very gracious thing to do. >> reporter: kind days, but it follows one the hardest days on the campaign trail.
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trump repeating that ted cruz's father was part of the people who will killed kennedy. >> it appears that path has been closed. >> reporter: the expected trump win overshadowed what was a big upset in the democrat yuck race, bernie sanders snatching indiana away from hillary clinton. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks this campaign is over. i have some bad news for her. >> reporter: clinton did not even speak last night but the truth is she won almost as many devil gas in indiana and sanders. barring something unforeseen, sees about to be the democratic nominee. the on thing she and donald trump have in common, extremely negative ratings. >> donald trump is a very flawed candidate. and hillary clinton is a very
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flawed candidate. i have never seen a race where two people from the walking dead are going against each other. >> take a look at this. this is from twitter last night. reince priebus, the head of the republican national committee tweeting that donald trump will be the presumptive nominee. we all need to unite. easier to treat than do. five of the people arrested at a donald trump rally in burlingame have been charged with a number of mills demeanor. 27-year-old emanuel ballestro took place in the protest. he ignored orders to disperse and attacked deputies when they went to arrest him. some 400 people blocked his motorcade forcing him and the people with him to walk on the
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concrete. supporters for legalizing marijuana say they reached a milestone. janine de la vega is in san jose. you are asking people what they think >> reporter: good morning, dave. that's a controversial topic. some people were too afraid to go on camera and answer it saying, yeah, they support it including an employee of one the professional sports teams here and a ceo. 300,000 signatures are needed to get that initiative on the ballot, the adult use of marijuana act. but the group that's pushing that initiative ended up collecting 600,000 signatures, more than enough. they will be celebrating that milestone today in san francisco when they officially launch their campaign. the measure would allow those who are 21 years or older to possess, transport and use up to an ounce of marijuana for
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recreational purposes. it would be taxed and regulated by the department of consumer affairs. here is what some other people told us this morning. >> i don't necessarilily think it would' pose it. i don't think that it's' a drug that is that bad as long as you are using it, you know, in the right ways. >> i'm against it. it is a drug. and there is, in my area, a lot of accidents and it's attributed to that and prescription drugs and alcohol and in my area, i'm sick and tired of it. >> reporter: using it in public or while driving would still be illegal. people would also be prohibited from using marijuana near schools. the initiative is supported by lieutenant governor gaffein newsom, the naacp and various doctors but there is opposition. the california public safety institute has gathered donations from various law enforcement agencies to defeat the initiative. they say that it leads to high
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addiction rates. now, coming up at 8:00, we'll tell what you some recent polls are saying about support for this issue. >> janine de la vega, thank you. time now is 7:08. the san francisco board of supervisors seems ready to support a measure on the november ballot that would give 16 and 17 years old the right to vote in san francisco local elections. six of the supervisors expressed support for the measure which is the number of votes needed to make it to the ballot. member of the san francisco youth commission spearheaded the effort to reduce and lower the voting age. younger teenagers would only be allowed to vote in municipal and school board election. the board will take a measure at next tuesday's meeting. if passed in november, san francisco would become the first major u.s. city to let people younger than 18 vote. uc berkeley please are hoping that a new -- uc
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berkeley police are hoping that a new information will help solve the murder of a young man who tried to break up a fight. brian flores is live. >> reporter: alberto silva was hanging with some friends up in the oakland hills, as you mentioned, still trying to break up a fight. a reward is offered now for his sill ter. he was with a group of friends at a turnout on grizzly peak boulevard in the oakland hills near mile post 16. there was a fight or argument between other people who were there. he was not associated there. he attempted to break up the fight. the group left but a gunman came back with a gun and shot silva while he was in the car.
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the car ended in and embankment and he was killed. police believe that the suspect is hispanic or fill pin yo man, 5'2", 200-pound, had his hair in a pony tail. the suspect may have taken more a red chevy caprice or white chevy suburban. police plan on releasing a sketch of the suspect very soon. through a press release by uc berkeley please, the sister of santana silva may speak to media at the grizzly peak boulevard site. he was 20 years old and a student at the time he was killed. coming up, we'll talk to uc berkeley please and get their take on the latest developments on this case. >> while it didn't happen on the uc berkeley campus, it did happen on land controlled by the university which is why it's cal police investigating?
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>> yes, that's exactly right. even though it appears that this would be oakland police jurisdiction, the land west of grizzly peak boulevard is actually owned by uc berkeley as some type of research area which is why uc berkeley police are investigating this case. mounting pressure on san francisco police chief. the backlash after the chief pulled out of a forum on police accountability. and developing news out of canada. a raging wildfire in canada forced 80,000 people to evacuate their home. >> we are still looking at the heart of the morning commute. plenty of slow traffic, including here on highway 24. nearby 680. we'll talk a look at contra costa county in the next update. cloudy, partly cloudy, mainly rain here but that's a
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sign of things to come. we'll take a look at that.
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80,000 people forced to flee and evacuate from a burning wildfire in canada. it's in fort mcmurray in alberta, canada. officials are not sure how many homes have already been destroyed. >> it's a disaster. when we asked, we lost everything now. >> those flames closed off the southern exit from the city forcing everybody to head north. no serious injuries have been reported. the winds are expecting to pick up later today and that could
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make it even harder for fire crews to fight the flames. back here at home. marin county officials are telling people to get ready for the fire season. the fire danger is very high throughout marin county despite the heavy rain we had. you should start planning now to prepare for the worst case mayor joe like the devastating fire in lake county last summer. fire season will begin sunday. cal fire is has already responded to nearly 700 fires since the beginning of the year the warriors showed their strength in number once again with a stunning comeback to take game 2 of the southwestern conference semifinals. the trailblazers led by 17. oakland native dim men lillard scored 17 in the third quartered. it was in the fourth quarter that the warriors made their
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move. klay thompson gave the warriors their first lead of the night and finished it off with a 110- 99 win. >> there is going to be a natural letdown but we reap sponldzed. we didn't have our rhythm all game on both sides of the ball. we just locked in. that's what we have to do against a talented team like the warriors. >> warriors have a few days off before game 3 which is saturday in portland. it's possible that curry could be in uniform. he says there is a good chance that he could play. first, he has to scrimmage to make sure that his knee can handle it. coach kerr said that if he feels well, he is play. this said, julie haener, it's
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great that she didn't bump into him. they almost did. she was on assignment. she asked him. julie put that on her facebook page. >> way to go. >> time is 7:17. sal, we'll bump into you. >> talk about timing, right? >> i know, i know. >> good morning, everybody. you know what, i was laughing because one of our directors gave me -- they make star wars q tips of course they do. >> what are you talking about? >> they are star wars q tips. >> that little packet costs $5. >> right. >> i can get the same packet without the star wars logo for 80 cents. we do not have serious issues. highway 4 is slow which is the
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normal case between pittsburg and bee point. you will be happy to know this looks a lot like normal slowing on these freeways. in fact, we'll talk ally look at highway 24 westbound and you can see traffic is slow. it's slow approaching the lafayette peak. by bridge toll plaza backed up taking a look at the south bay, not too bad yet. if we go back to the matt here, 85 a little slow. so is 88. 101, not that bad yet. might get slower later on. >> 7:18. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome, steve. >> people are asking pointed
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questions. i will get back to you as soon as i can. >> are you talking about twitter or facebook? >> both. i will get back to it. right now i have to do this thinking thing called weather. >> there has been some rain in there, last pretty good line of thunderstorms. where? along i-5. >> your radar shows rain but nothing is coming down here, that does not mean that it's not raining. it's evaporating before it hits the ground. we had some light drizzle in lucerne, cobb. santa rosa, bennett valley, around napa county as well but things are pretty light right now although right around san francisco and marin county, take a look at that. things are starting up to lights en up.
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look at the thunderstorms storming and that's just the beginning. we may be in the nicks for thunderstorms all the way into late friday. 50s on the tells for most. north bay tells held down little bit by some of that cloud cover. calistoga, 52, everyone is close. there is a little bit of a breeze in place. i would expect that to be more southwest-southwest here or southerly as that low gets closer. a lot of cloud cover and rain developing with thunderstorms in the sierra, probably starting today, no doubt about here. here is the low moving towards us. mean doors towards us and it will slide south. and i mean slowly here. it provides a little cold air and boinsey in the lift. we can start to see that line in the valley. marin in line for not only thunderstorms but this forecast model is going bongers on the
7:21 am
rainfall here. i'm a little surprised by this. if you can get one of those cells developing over you today, not today, you can get some heavy rain. cloudy, mostly cloudy, cooler, light rain, breeze is picking up. 60s for manny or 70s. a lot of this is cloud cove. you can get some 70s. cloudy to mostly cloudy, all the way into friday, maybe even saturday, thunderstorms possible and sunday gasia, mom, does look better. >> good balls i'm planning for something for my mom and i may get 5% on the back the day. that's how it looks. >> yes, thank you very much. >> the biggest auto recall in american history could get even bigger today. in minutes, the announcement that's expected about the exploding takata air bags and how it could create even more
7:22 am
confusion for drivers. and the fbi says this man was anything but an average shopper. what he is accused of doing to food in stores in michigan that could have made a lot of people sick. ♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors
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the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. president obama is going to flint, michigan, to visit with people there. the visit is in part in response to an 8-year-old girl asking him to address the
7:25 am
tainted water there. he is scheduled to meet with the 8-year-old and with other residents to talk about the crisis that started after the water was switched from lake michigan to flint. the fbi is looking for this man who walked into the store in the city of ann arbor and sprayed liquid that included mouth water, cleaners. tips led to this map's arrest. >> i think we have to ask ourselves, does this happen to anywhere else? >> what if we just found it and he has been doing it for years. >> the stores were operated by
7:26 am
three different companies. the fbi is trying to determine if any other stores in ann arbor or anywhere else are affected. and there was a backlash time in cinco de mayo. the opd press release says, fiesta time or si yeas it tame. make sure that you have a designated sober driver or arrange a safer way home. cinco de mayo received several complaints about that news release saying that the holiday should not only be equated with drinking. the text of the police was written by the california office of traffic safety and oakland police sent it out without checking it first.
7:27 am
now, police issued an apology. they are canceling specific dui patrols that are paid for by a stayed grant but they are stressing, however, officers on duty will still be on the lookout for drunk drivers and other criminal activity during cinco de mayo. 7:27 now. new information on the final hours of prince's lives. in minutes, a call from prince's relative to a mill valley doctor to treat the singer's dependency on drug and the so called frisco five are keeping pressure on the police chief to step down. why the chief was forced to pull out of a forum last night on police accountability. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is still going to be slow. and look at all the slow traffic approaching the lafayette park station here. sean calling lafayette exit. we'll tell you more about this, straight ahead. and we have some light rain
7:28 am
there. dailey city. it's going to be with us for not only today but a couple of days. more on that.
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7:30. if you only knew what it costs to bring you this image.
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the death star with san francisco in the back. we are sell grating may 4th. and we say may be with you. that's a koord barred that we have. >> people will run outside saying, where is it? >> it's green screen, from director moore. >> may the fourth be with you this gorgeous wednesday morning. 7:31. >> you had the music, too. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. >> let's check the real weather. steve paulson knows all about the forecast. a lot of clouds and light rain out there. no doubt about it. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures starting off in the 50s. we had some light rain, not a lot here. it's going to bring a little bit. low pressure starts heading right towards us. as it does, it will continue to destablize the atmosphere. some thunderstorms in the
7:32 am
valley. good morning, marty. good morning, mr. p. may the fourth be with you. tomorrow, i think i'll do a fifth. sorry. >> just picked the wrong week to stop drinking. just kidding, old joke. there is the system coming in. right there. i know woo had some rain in dailey city. that's where marty is underneath right now. after that, hit or miss. light rain in santa rosa. petaluma, clear lake, upper lake, not all is reaching the ground but very light or misty. we might see our share of those as we head into thursday and friday. lots of light offer. everything is trapped here as far as temperatures. the low is right above us. will be here all the way into saturday. thunderstorms out in the valley but the cooling continues.
7:33 am
a lot of 60s now and low 70s. sal, 7:32. how are things in traffic. >> i'm doing very well, steve. or i should say traffic is doing well in some areas and some not. on the east shore, westbound 80 from the car cashing fast bridge. let's just go to the toll plaza, 25 to 30 minute delay. looking at highway 4, a couple of issues here on highway 4. for the most part, that slow track is going to be there, anyway. there was a a order and highway had eastbound. slow on 620, site of a couple of earlier accidents that i told you about and westbound 24, some slow traffic
7:34 am
approaching the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. there was a collision westbound 24 at the pleasant hill road off ramp. one more thing. i want to talk about the nimitz freeway in case you thought i i had forgotten about you. 7:34. back to the desk. >> all right, sal. as of today, it has been two weeks now since that hunger strike began in san francisco outside the mission police station and protesters wants the police chief to resign. ktvu's fox 2 alex savidge is out there telling us what the demonstrators are planning next. >> demonstrators and supporters are here planning to keep the pressure on city leaders. they are planning to follow the police chief and the mayor around to various events to make their voices heard, angry over several controversial police shootings that had
7:35 am
happened over the city and issues of misconduct within the department and they are calling for the chief to resign. the group has been dubbed the frisco 5. this is day 14 of their ongoing hunger strike here outside of the station. the chief of police was forced to pull out of a forum on police accountability that was taking place at a synagogue here in san francisco. this event had been in the works for months but organizers say that the chief backed out at the last minute citing security concerns. the event was supposed to feature a very lively debate between the police chief and the city defender. one of the people here said that he was disappointed that the discussion didn't happen. >> the reason we were feeling disappointment is that we were willing to have an open dialogue. every place we went and asked the chief what was going on, he says he didn't have the answers but he was supposed to come
7:36 am
with the answers. and then we could actually discuss. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is resisting calls to remove chief suhr and the chief himself has rejected those calls to step down as well. the chief says that, right now, he is instituting reforms within the department to make changes but the protesters are getting larger, protesters more vocal. several hundred demonstrators joined up with the frisco five yesterday and marched from the mission police station. they were calling for a meeting with the mayor. the mayor was not at city hall and was not available. coming back out here, the hunger strike is moving into its 14th day folks here who are part of this demonstration say they plan to remain on this hunger strike until the chief of police decides to step down. >> alex savidge in san
7:37 am
francisco. we'll be checking back with you time is 7:36. an alameda police officer is still in the hospital, his patrol car broadsided last night. it happened on lincoln avenue and fifth street. pat toll car was pushed into a utility pole. a white toyota avalon was speeding eastbound on lincoln and broadsided that police car. the officer was taken to highland hospital just a couple of hours ago. the officer is still in the hospital but is expected to recover. investigators have not said whether the avalon driver may have been under the influence at the time of the crash. jury deliberations are set to begin today in the murder case of alicia carradine. yesterday, the defense attorney for the accused gunman darnell williams said they are, quote, no finger prints, no dna, no guns and no eyewitnesses to that shooting that happened in july of 2014. williams was seeking revenge in the killing of a friend
7:38 am
our time is 7:37. former 49er and raider star dana stubblefield is scheduled to be arraigned. he says that he is innocent. his lawyers gave reporters a packet of documents which they say show stubblefield passed a lie detector test. he says that he had a consentual encounter with the woman and the woman is now demanding money from him. >> she texted him several times asking for money and asking to come back and wanting to work at the house. again, does that sound like somebody who had been allegedly assaulted? >> stubblefield's lawyers also are accused of pursuing the
7:39 am
case because they wanted to prosecute someone famous. the d.a. did not reresponsibility but released a statement saying that we will present evidence in a court of law after which we expect mr. stubblefield will be held accountable for his crime. police are investigating a report that four men tried to lure a child into a car monday night. the girl described the car as large, blue or black with four college-aged men inside glrnl time is 7:39. new development about the final hours in the life of prince. the minneapolis star tribune newspaper reports that the day before prince died, representatives called mill valley anti-addiction doctor howard cornsville who runs a clinic called recovery without walls. because of a scheduling conflict, cornfield sent his son to minnesota, to paisley park trying to convince prince
7:40 am
to stay at the marin facility. cornfield was at the facility when prince died. cornfield's son even helped to call 911. after getting an earful from concerned residents, the santa rosa city council has approved a controversial rent control ordinance. it is capped at 3% and protects residents from unfair eviction. there was a four-hour testimony. landlords say that it unfairly poses the housing crunch on them. our time is now 7:30. the powerball jackpot keeping growing this morning. right now, the top prize is estimated at $348 million. you only have a couple more hours to buy your tickets since the drawing is tonight.
7:41 am
there is no winner, we could see another billion dollars jackpot in the coming weeks. that has a lot of people here in the bay area dreaming about what they would do with all that money if they won. >> maybe i maybe -- >> i know i got 12 pets for sure. and you can guess what i'm going to do with my winning. >> what's that? >> leave it to the pets. >> earlier this week, a gas station in san jose sold a winning powerball ticket worth more than $1.2 million. it only matched five numbers missing that powerball number. again, the drawing will be held tonight. >> 7:41. one man in new york is facing charges after following someone on instagram. why the judge in this case says that the man really should have known better and a way for families to remember loved ones killed in
7:42 am
car crashes. next, why roadside memorials in vacaville will now have to come down we have a morning commute that is still busy, especially if you are in the east bay. but san francisco is also getting into the act with some slow traffic on the central freeway. cloudy to mostly cloudy. light rain. not a lot but it's in the picture here. not only today but probably into saturday. more on that. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the site of vacaville giving families 30 days to take down roadside memorials on city property. richard kirk patrick's family gathered at a memorial set up for him on the busy street
7:45 am
where he died in a motor crash two years ago. the kirk patrick's memorial is in a median and that makes it dangerous for relatives to get to it. neighbors complain about it being distracting. but parent say that's where they feel closer to him. >> if they do not remove that within 30 days, our staff will go out and remove all the items that are there. >> the city says that most of the memorials have been around for more than a year. it is now offering to have families pay $100 for signs where their loved ones die but those will also be taken down after a year. it sound like that massive takata airbag recall is expanding. pam cook has more. >> reporter: u.s. auto safety
7:46 am
regulators have been pressuring takata to add the airbag recalls. the national highway transportation safety administration wants tack at that to agree to expands that recall. the air bags can explode be a send metal parts into the car. it killed a 17-year-old girl in texas who was what was considered a minor traffic accidents. the announcement has come today that takata will agree to recall more cars, adding up to 63 million cars on the road. if you want find out if your car is affected, go to our website, we want to show you right on the front page, there is a
7:47 am
story on the airbag recall. scroll down to the bottom and there is a link to this which is safer which takes you to this page and in the upper right-hand corner, you see this? it tells you what to do. you can either type in your car's specific vin number or click on the list of affected vehicles. here is a list of all the makes, mitsubishi, honda, for example, you click on that, scroll down and it lists all the years affected. you can see the 2001 to 2007 accord. specifically which years or models are affected. and your vin number tells you your specific car. that's really specific information. if you don't know where to find that vin number, it's on the front dashboard of your car. what do you do once you find out that your car is recalled? you take it to a dealer. they are legally obligated to
7:48 am
let you know. if you are not able to get a good response, contact the national highway transportation safety administration. >> it's a good way one to be proactive. >> it is. you have to know, to check. this family of the 17-year-old in texas who was killed didn't even know that the car was under recall. >> the time is 7:48. let's get you to where you need to go. let's go to sal. >> we have have had a cull of minor incidents but for the most part, 24 is going to be slow approaching that bart station as you drive up to the bart station you see traffic getting a little berth after that. for some reason, people slow down at the bart station and mu on after that. no major problems. we have seen some improvement. there is a light at the end of
7:49 am
that tunnel, not knit literally. taking a look at the east bay commute. all the way up to highway 13 gets betterment 880 is also slow. trying to get into the main part of oakland on 880 or 580, there is waiting to do 7:49. let's go to steve. >> you know what i did last night. >> yes, i did. you watched the game. >> yes, i did. >> light rain in the mix and also some thunderstorms out in the valley, especially along i- 5, heading up around williams. i'll show you that in just a second. there's going to be a lot of cloud cover in the next few days many some rain. i almost always say rain but there is a showery pattern. more of a broad burb. if it's rain, i can give you a
7:50 am
pretty good timeline. anguin, napa county. nap valey chick better known as kathy. a little balloon does not seem to many mind the rain. thank you, kathy. i hope that's a balloon. we have not heard from you in a while. a teeny bit in the city but most of it looks like it's going to favor marin county southwest, lining up into marin county. lake county. not a lot here. some of this is not reaching the ground. some of it evaporates. kaboom. all the way to red bluffs. our fair share certainly in the mix as it gets closer just a bit far away. as it gets closer, it helps to
7:51 am
stabilize the atmosphere. they are already popping up. that's pretty impressive. 50s on most of the temps. 55 in san mateo. there is a breeze, so occasionally gusty winds. the sierra nevada, this is will be a strong low for what looks to be an impressive rainfall total. i have seen about four inches total. be advised once thisly gets close, it won't continue to move. it almost send this band and that's what we call more shower activity. just hit or miss actively. a real broad brush forecast. here is future cast. sometimes, i don't like to show this. things will begin to pop, maybe mendocino county. tomorrow is the main day.
7:52 am
cloud cover. watch how that just booms. right there. here is us, san jose, santa clara valley, down lake valley. thursday afternoon. falls off and into the day it picks up again. some of that rotating back in on friday. therein lies the rub, if you will coming off the sierra nevada. we have to keep rain in the forecast saturday. breezy at type, cooling continues, 60s and 70s on the temps you need to brake ton these tells. a lot of cloud cover and possible thunderstorms kick in later today, thursday, friday and saturday. sunday does look better as the low moves up. >> might be barbecuing on sunday. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> all right, steve. >> the san jose sharks, they lost last night. 4-1. their lead is now down to
7:53 am
2-1 in the series against the nashville predators. the sharks scored first but nashville responded scoring four goals, first time that the sharks havelost on the road during the playoffs. game 4 in nashville. game 5 saturday in san jose. if necessary, game 6 would be monday back in nashville. imagine working for a profitable company but without all the stress. sounds great. >> yeah. >> it's a reality for several businesses here in the bay area. just ahead, we'll tell you which local companies made the top 14 list in a nationwide study, next.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
about 30 miles directly west of houston. the school was locked counsel when the shooting happened nearby at a transport company. at this point, the school is still on lock down. it's 10:00 now, 8:00 here. the gunman walked into knight transportation with a shotgun and opened fire. he has killed one person and injured a number of others before shooting and killing
7:57 am
himself. this is new information just coming into our newsroom. of course, we are following the story and will bring you more information as soon as we get it. a shooting at a transport company in the houston metro area, specifically in the city of katy which is about 30 miles west of houston we'll stay on top of breaking news and bring you more on the air as well as on >> in south korea, a mother and her three kids trapped inside of a burning building. they are safe after american service men and women helped rescue them. the soldiers and airmen were eating at a nearby restaurant when they heard a commotion. a woman was holding her children out of window. they got a blanket and caught the children as she dropped them one by one and convinced
7:58 am
her to jump. >> we grabbed blankets. we had blanket on our hand and the lady just started dropping her babies down. i mean, first, you could tell she was scared. she didn't want to. >> boy, they are heroes. the children ages 1, 3 and 4 were not hurt. mom only had minor injuries. >> that's good work. >> yeah. >> bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton in indiana but that news is overshadowed by ted cruz and the fact that he dropped out the race for the white house. where that race now stands and the big push happening today that could lead to legalizing marijuana in california.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:00. you'll hear an awful lot of this music today because it is wednesday may 4th. star wars fans are saying may the fourth be with you. say it like james earl jones. sound like the force is with you. looking outside the window across the bay area. that's what it looks like and we'll continue to check the weather. we'll check into steve paulson right now but more on our forecast on this may 4th lots of clouds, rain, interesting for may. thunderstorm activity into the valley. the term will be thursday into friday. even saturday could be if i, especially to the south a line is moving to the north. light rain, marin county, napa
8:02 am
county, a couple of reports. off and on around santa rosa up to lake county as well. nothing too heavy but certainly here. thunderstorms activity just going bonkers already. 50ed to near 60 on the temps. loathe still a little bit too far away but on track to go right to us and then slide down the coast but not until late friday or saturday. cloudy, mostly cloudy, cooler. light rain possibility, thundershowers east and north. tomorrow is the best opportunity. 60s on a lot of the temps to the low to mid-70s. sal, 8:02. how is the traffic. i have not even listened. how is the traffic? >> well, it is getting better. commute much better than they were. toll plaza, we are seeing some
8:03 am
improvement. look over on the left. that's the 880 approach. if you show up using fast track and you are on those-- in those lanes, that is moving well, the far left lane seems to have cleared out as well. so this is a good, very good sign of things to come, hopeful hi unless something happens on the bridge. 880 is slow right as you get to the colyseum. it's interesting. it slows there and it stays that way to downtown oakland. i want to take a look at the south bay because we have a lot of slow traffic here on 101 still, most of 101 to 280 to mountain view slow. despite the fact that we have not had significant problems on 201, 288 or 205, still slow. back to the breaking news we brought you just moments ago happening near houston, texas, specifically in the city of katy which is about 30 miles west. we are following reports that
8:04 am
one gunman has shod and killed himself after killing another person at what is being described as a workplace shooting. these are live pictures over a high school. actually, this is a transport company where that shooting happened in katy, texas. if we can get it even closer, we have been watching these people respond to the scene and methodically go through the vehicles, go through some of the large containers there with guns drawn. at this point, we know that the shooter is dead but,able, -- but, of course, they don't know if there is another threat that remains. this is at the transport company in katy, texas, 30 miles west of houston. the lockdown has been lifted for the school nearby. the gunman entered his former employer's area being called knight transportation, after he was fired this morning. that man was carrying a shotgun and a pistol. this is all new information coming into our newsroom from
8:05 am
station in houston. this is an active scene at the knight transportation. they are doing this again, guns drawn, going through the cab of these trucks. a number of storage containers there trying to make sure there is no suspect, person or otherwise. >> we should point out that the police say that the gunman walked in, killed a person and killed himself. >> right, right. so that is how he died. but again, the information is still coming in. we are all over it and we'll bring you more details from texas. back here at home, a bay area homicide said that's three years old, still not solved. it happened on mother's day and the victim was a young man who tried to break up a fight. >> uc berkeley police is
8:06 am
investigating the case. brian flores has more. >> reporter: we are live here on the campus of uc berkeley. they are leading this investigation from a homicide that remains unsolved. now, again, it was back in the early morning hours for may 12th, 2013 where alberto was with a group of friend at a turnout on grizzly peak boulevard. there is apparently a fight or an argument amongst another who were there. though the say that alberto was not associated with this group, didn't know who they were. he was planning on breaking up the fight. the group left but the gunman associated with this group came back about 20 minute later and shot santana silva as he
8:07 am
was about to leave in his car. the car crashed into a into by ditch and he was killed. uc berkeley police announced they are offering a 10,000- dollar reward for information leading to a suspect who police believe now is a hispanic or filipino man in his 20s or 30s. about 5'8", 200 pounds. the suspect may have been driving a red chevy caprice or white chevy suburban. uc berkeley police are releasing this information. the reward being offered at $10,000. also, they will be holding a press conference again on grizzly peak boulevard near mile post 16 scheduled for 10:00 this morning and the sister of albert yo -- alberto will be there as well a major shake up in the race for the white house. donald trump is now the presumptive republican nominee. >> texas senator ted cruz dropped out after donald trump won big in the primary yesterday in indiana.
8:08 am
as doug luzader reports, we are now getting a much better idea of who trump will face. >> this was a long road but this tweet may say it all. this is from pines reason reince priebus, the head of the republican party. indiana giving trump a larger than expected victory and forces ted cruz to drop out. >> this has been an mazing evening. i didn't expect this. what ted did is a grave thing to do >> reporter: gracious word but they follow one of the ugliest days on the campaign and that's something something. trump repeated unconfirmed reports that ted cruz's father spend time around lee harvey oswald. cruz says that trump was unfit for the oval office but as the results came in, cruz had to
8:09 am
face reality. >> the appears that path has been foreclosed. >> reporter: that leaves only john kasich in the race against trump but he appears to have no path to the nomination. the expected trump win overshadowed a big upset in the democratic race. bernie sanders snatching indiana away from clinton. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i got some bad news for her. >> reporter: clinton didn't even speak last night but the truth that is she won almost as many delegates as sanders in indiana. barring something unforeseen, she is about to clinch the nominee. about the on thing that she and trump may have in common, extremely high negatives among voters. >> donald trump is a flawed candidate, hillary clinton is a flawed candidate. i have never seen anybody from
8:10 am
the walking wounded parade. >> schipts will interest so convince bernie sanders support torres support her. donald trump will have to try to win over some republicans who say they will not vote for him under any circumstances. in washington, doug lose luzader. take a look at the video you are about to see here. cruz goes to hug his father and his wife follows -- this is art concession speech and perhaps adding insult to injure which was that. a little bump, cruz bumping heidi cruz in the process. supports of legalizing marijuana are celebrating today. they say they have enough dig na -- signatures to force the
8:11 am
issue on the ballot. >> reporter: back in 2010, when legalizing marijuana was on the ballot, it was voted down by 54% of californians. but 60% actually support legalizing marijuana. the group that is pushing this initial collected 600,000 signatures, more than double needed to get on the november ballot. the measure called the adult use of marijuana act would allow adults who are 21 or older to possess, transport and use up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes allowing them to grow as many as six plants. people wanted to hear more about possible consequences before making a decision to support or oppose it. here is what they had to say. >> well, i support it. i mean, i don't seat -- see the harm in it. we do a lot more things like
8:12 am
alcohol which is twice as bad or a lot more. >> i don't hit it' a good idea because a lot of people would probably abuse it. i think i had shut be used for medical reasons. >> under the measure, using marijuana in public and while driving would still be illegal. the california police chief association opposes the initiative because it is concerned about high addiction rates. the group backing it does include lieutenant governor gaffein newsom, various doctors and law enforcement and officials from the fish and game. they will be at the commonwealth club in san francisco to kick off the campaign to promote the initiative. gasia? >> janine, thank you there were a couple of earthquakes this morning that you may have felt in the east bay or south bay. just wanted to mention it in case the ground was shaking where you are.
8:13 am
could another billion dollars powerball jackpot be on the way? and wildfires ripping through parts of canada. the latest effort to fight the flames and get people to safety, next.
8:14 am
hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month.
8:15 am
keep calm, your internet's on. we are still following a developing story from canada. look at this.
8:16 am
80,000 people now fleeing an out of control wildfire. it's burning near fort mcmurray in alberta. the whole town was forced to evacuate. fire officials don't yet know how many homes were destroyed but entire neighborhoods are gone. >> in my career -- and i am -- you know, the whole people here are devastated. everyone is devastated. >> flames blocked the southern exit from the city forcing everybody to head north. no serious injuries reported. but the winds are expected to pick up later today which could make it a lot harder for fire crews. >> back to fire crews here, vets' go -- let's go to sal castenada. we have a crash here in 880 in santa rosa.
8:17 am
i watched the backup grow here really quickly. if you are trying it get to the san jose airport, know this motorcycle crash there is at the alameda. you may want to that i about using side roads or expressway. do not use 17 or 880 or you will be stuck in stop and go traffic, blocking two lanes here in san jose. let's get to some other things now. i want to show you that track is going to be just moderate on the san mateo bridge. at the bay bridge, we are seeing improvements here as things start to clear out. 8:17. let's go to steve now thank you, sal. >> we have cloudy, mostly cloudy skies, light rain, pretty good thunderstorms already erupting but that's out towards the sacramento valley, just to the west of chico, really but a lot of cloud cover here and the light rain. i mean, that could pop up any time here. there is a low off the coast, pretty far off the coast but working its way towards us and this is going to keep us into an active pattern. kevin levy, sausalito, light showers and some alta cumulus
8:18 am
in sausalito, the cue clouds are mitt level clouds. so plenty of those out there. also, a little instability as well. not here yet, but over in the valley. this light rain line looks to be lifting right through parts of marin county, western marin county, novato. look out toward corning, thunderstorm activity. lightning detection picking up that. along 5, towards williams and willows as well. and this pretty early in the morning for those to be firing up. you need heed to be generating that. there is a lot offshore and that has to work its way towards us. 50s on the temps, very, very slow, 60s. low still back here but look at all the moisture backing up south to north, cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. the slow stays out, heads towards los angeles, we probably would just be a lot of
8:19 am
clouds and not much else yet, every projection lifts this towards the bay area. the forecast models never handled the cutoff lows, they are not completely cut off but they just don't know what to do with these. a lot of cloud cover there, though, so i would lean on a little pit cooler temperatures here as we go not only into today but the rest of the week, dave. i think by saturday, things should be improving as that low goes south. sunday should be okay. >> all right, steve, thank you. >> you bet time is 8:19. social media in the courtroom. a judge in new york ruled that a man violated a restraining order against him to stay away from his former girlfriend by trying to follow his ex- girlfriend and instagram. the man tried to convince the judge that he should not be charged with contempt for violating that protection order because he technically asked
8:20 am
instagram if he could follow the woman, nother. but the judge pointed out that request was automatically forwarded to his ex-girl friend. the police says sorry. what led them to cancel this year's cinco de mayo dui patrols. and next, big announcement from aero postal and how it could affect some shoppers here in the bay area. ♪ ♪
8:21 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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8:23 am
the massive airbag recall of the takata air bags could get bigger. apple does not have the, inclusive rights to the name iphone in china and another retailer is closing stores. >> a lot to talk about. let's go to pam cook. >> a lot of spots. price line expected more earnings but that stock is down paced on disappointed outlook. twitter is taking a hit. losing customers, down about 50%. maybe it's the time to buy. here is a look at the opening bell from early on, just about two hours ago. chase business ringing that bell. the numbers are all done. not a lot but the s&p is down. back to the retail, aeropostale
8:24 am
closing scores. filing for bankruptcy protection. the only bay area store on that list, though, is the oak ridge mall. aeropostal will start going into out of business sales. they hope to get out of results with renegotiated contract. a lot of retailers getting hurt by higher rent. >> apple lost a lawsuit in china and that means apple does not have an exclusive use of iphone. a judge ruled that the iphone was used by a leather retailer in china. they trademarked that name in
8:25 am
2007. after apple started but before apple started trading in china and there is a airbag recall expansion for takata. there is a shortage of part and people are telling us it's taking months, sometimes years to get that fixed. workplace stress has some pretty damaging side effect. to business insiders. compensation software and data cap pay scales came up with the list where workers report low job stress. some bay area companies are among the 50 best places to wok. they include advanced mi crow
8:26 am
devices, symantec, chevrolet. and net app. all of them had at least 50% of their employees reporting low stress a ten-year-old from finland is $10,000 richer after he found something wrong with instagram. finnish media said that the app had a hole. they could comment other people's comments by inserting a malicious code. he informed instagram owned by facebook and he collected the 10,000-dollar wouldn'ty. he is the youngest to get that. and the party game that almost made it into the stores. stores -- almost didn't make it into the stores >> that's the commercial for twister having people twisting their bodies to certain spots. it was considered very racy.
8:27 am
sears roebuck decided not to include the game on the catalog so the game maker stopped production. but somebody forgot to tell johnny carson who demonstrated the game with eva gabor. that game is on the national toy hall of fame. we have twister in our house. >> that takes me back. >> if we can go back to aeropostale. when i was in high school, that was the place to get your clothes. >> right. >> and look at it now. >> suffering the same fate of a lot of retailers. there is more competition and online shopping. >> and higher rent. a lot of these malls, unfortunately, there are many empty stores >> what a change. pam, thank you. 8:27. we are hearing from a former raider and 49ers player after
8:28 am
he was charged with rape. what he is saying about his innocence and the accusations.
8:29 am
8:30 am
time now is 8:30. >> restaurants' get to jacket now. very nice tie. >> this is from africa. >> very nice. we will some rain and i think you folks in mendicino county, lake county are in the window for possible thunderstorms. there is some sun just to the east of you line out around chico, near i-5. light land of
8:31 am
rain. most of that looks to be over, pushing north ward. we are in this for probably today and tomorrow. look around willows, corning, and red bluff. going to be very active. some of that could get fired up. low is still offshore but not going anywhere very fast. 50s on your temps here. the low looks to be tracking towards us. not only today but all the way into maybe friday or early saturday. as long as that's there. cooler, maybe some thunderstorm activity. the cooling continues, 60s are the temps. so far, we have been all right. north bay only so far. >> north bay has had a little bit of slow traffic associated with that wet weather but has not been a major storm, certainly not for the bay area
8:32 am
and south bay. we have something going on right there. we have a motorcycle accident northbound 880 at the alameda taking en two lanes. track will backed up all the way down to highway 85 getting up north on 17 all the way up through. might also start affecting 280 northbound. let's take a live picture of 280 northbound. that's still okay out of downtown all the way to the valley. but, you know, once 880 goes back, 280 might follow. let's move along to the toll bridge plaza. more people are showing up right now. 880 ramp cleared up. this is about a 20 minute delay. 832. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. in san francisco, protesters now on the 14th day of a hunger strike won't stop until police chief greg suhr either resigns or is fired. >> the stem trait stores say they are angry over several controversial police shootings
8:33 am
in the city. alex savidge is live at the mission police station where protesters are ramping up protests they have been putting on city leaders. >> yes. we had a conversation with one of the demonstrators. he told me that mayor ed lee needs to, in his words, swallow his pride and fire the police chief. demonstrators are angry over several police shootings and issues of misconduct. this group of five hunger strikers are doubled the frisco five. the the police chief was forced to pull out of a forum on police accountability an event happening at a san francisco synagogue that had been in the works for several months but organizer sauce that the chief
8:34 am
backed out at the last minute citing is security concerns. this event was supposed to feature a lively debate between the police chief and the city's public defender: one of the people taking part in this hunger strike, i spoke to him a short time ago and he told me that the chief and mayor are under pressure. >> you know, change is uncomfortable. we are putting ourselves in an uncomfortable position. families are feeling uncome forable because their lives are changed forever. >> now, mayor ed lee has resisted calls so far to remove chief suhr and the chief has rejected calls for him to step down. the chief is instituting reforms win the department to make changes that may be necessary but the protesters are getting larger, getting more vocal.
8:35 am
we saw that yesterday when several hundred dem trait tors joined up with the frisco five and that group of hunger strikers marched from the mission police station to city hall calling for a meeting with the mayor. they were toll that the mayor was not n the hunger strikers told me that the march to city hall that they did yesterday took a lot out of them. they are planning to stay here in this en came many many. their supporters are planning a lot. >> 14 days without solid food. what did you get as far as the sense of what ed winn and others are doing? >> this seem to be doing as well as expected. they had a medical staff member here who comes every day to check on them and that person is coming now to just make sure that their health is okay. and there are not many major issues they are facing.
8:36 am
in terms of ed win's mind set, trying to keep a positive attitude. this is something difficult that he is putting himself through but that's something that's necessary to en act change in the city. >> that's clear >> an alameda police officer still in the hospital after his patrol car was broadsided by a speeding car last night. it happened on lincoln avenue and fifth street. pat toll car was pushed into a utility pole. the police believe that a white toyota avalon was speeding eastbound on lincoln crashing right into that police car. the officer was taken to high land hospital. we have been told that the officer is still in the hospital but is expected to recover. we don't know if the driver may have been under the influence at the time of the crash jury deliberations are set to begin today in the case of the murder of eight-year-old
8:37 am
allayshia carradine. the witness for the suspected killer, williams, said that there are no dna evidence, no fishing prints linking him to the scene. former 49er and raider star dana stubblefield is due to be arraigned next month on sexual asexual assault charges. et cetera accused of raping a developmentally challenged woman. his lawyers gave us a packet of documents saying that he pass add lie detector test. he said that he had a consentual sexual encounter with the woman and that he is innocent. >> she texted him several times asking him to come back to work at the house.
8:38 am
demanding money. does that sound like somebody who has been allegedly assaulted? >> dana stubblefield's lawyers are questioning whether she is develop tallly disaimed. the lawyers say that the d.a.'s office wanted to prosecute him because they wanted to prosecute somebody famous. the d.a. did not reresponsibility to that allegation, but released this statement saying that we will present evidence in a court of law after which we expect mr. stubblefield will be health accountable for his crime and the website which linked dana stubblefield to the woman commented saying that their safety is the priority. police are investigating report that four machine tried to lure a child into a car near the school monday night. the girl ran away and reported
8:39 am
the incident. she described the car as being blue or dark in color with four college age men inside and now to the case of 63 years james nallan was the one notifying police about the shooting of his wife. his wife, 48-year-old sonia nallan was rushed to the hospital where she later died. james nallan is set to be arraigned in court. the minneapolis star tribune is reporting that the day before prince died, his representatives called dr. cornfeld, an intery addiction expert in mill valley, running a recovery facility called recovering without walls. he sent his son trying to convince prince to stay at the
8:40 am
minneapolis clinic. he was at prince's home when he died. his son even called paramedics to the home when prince was found unconscious. investigators are looking into reports that prince was addicted to pain killers as possible cause for his death. >> moot moon time, some radio stations around the country and here in the bay area are urged to play prince's song "nothing compares to you". that's because at 3:07 local time, that will be how long it's been since prince died. the free tech company has agreed to pay 60engineers in back pay. they were working in the
8:41 am
philippines, temporarily. the federal labor investigators found they were paid the equivalent of 1.66 an shower in philippine pesos while here in the bay area. their pay was not clearly adjusted to meet minimum wages here. some did not get overtime despite working 57 hours a week. california's hourly minimum rage is 10. bit micro says that the pay issue was an oversight the nfl season does not start for several months but the 49ers are gearing up for a battle. this pat will is a legal one over the team's rent at levi stadium. the city of santa clara says that the 49ers have not paid their rent on time. team officials say their contract allows for a lower rent if levi stadium revenue is higher than projected. the stadium cost less to build than the original estimate. both sides say they filed for arbitration to settle their
8:42 am
dispute 8:41 now. the warriors have a commanding series lead after a big comeback in game 2 of the western conference semifinal. the portland trailblazers led by 17 at one point. oakland native dimmian lillard scored 17 of his 25 points in the third quarter including the 3 to beat the buzzer. in the fourth quarter, the warriors made their move. festus lilly who did not play in the first game had 25 points. >> we were comfortable that we could get back in the game even though fit ways five, six, points. >> the warriors have a few games back before game 3 saturday in portland. it is possible that steph curry could be in uniform. he says there is a good chance he could play but, first, he those scrimmage. coach kerr said if curry is not
8:43 am
at risk of further injury and he is at 80 or 90%, he can play. can we talk about money? the powerball jackpot keeps growing and the prize is estimated at 348 million- dollar. you on have a couple more hours to buy tickets because the drawing is tonight. if there is no winner, we could see another billion dollars jackpot in the coming weeks. people here in the bay area are dream what they would do if they won. the drawing will be held tonight president obama making a special trip to flint, michigan, over city's water crisis. the special person behind the president's visit and she is not even older to vote and police arrested that man out there, accused of contaminating food. we'll tell you where and what he is accused of putting it in at grocery stores.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. police in wall nut creek issued an alert for a missing young boy. 7-year-old dillon was last even about 3:00 this morning. here is his picture. he is asian, brown hair, brown eyes. he may be riding a small red bike in the area of lacasa
8:47 am
villa near john muir medical center. take a look at this young would i. call walnut creek police if you have i information. >> oakland police are canceling their dui patrols for cinco de mayo because of a backlash over a news release about tomorrow's holiday. the release came with the title, fiesta time or jail time? it says, in the united states, shay yo has become synonymous with festive fiestas and salty margaritas. it went on to say before your first margarita, cold beer or shot of tequilla, make sure that you have a designated sober driver or arrange another safe way home. cinco de mayo celebrates the mexican army victory over french forces. there were complaint saying that the holiday should not only be equated with drinking. oakland police say that the text of that release was actually written by the khalil
8:48 am
ya office of traffic safety and that the police department sent it out without reviewing it. >> we would have taken some of the content out for our particular community. the press release itself is no the in line with our value, our mission, really our reflection of our community and our organizations that we work with. >> now oakland police issued an apology, canceled some dui patrols paid for by state grants. they did stress out that their office hes on duty will look out for drunk drivers and other criminal activity police arrested a man suspected of contaminating food at several grocery stores in michigan, including a whole foods market. investigators say that the man seen in that surveillance photo walking into a store in ann
8:49 am
arbor, michigan, splaying a liquid that contained mouse poison on an open food bar. the idea makes shopper morse aware of possible risks. >> i think that we have to ask ourselves, does this happen anywhere else? what if he has been doing it for weeks or months or years and we just -- suddenly, someone saw him and it makes you think about everything you buy all the time. >> the report were all from stores near the university of michigan. but they were operated by three different companies. the fbi is now trying to figure out if any other stores in ann arbor, michigan, were targeted. let's check in with sal to see how the commute is doing right now. that's all right. clear this throat. this cough lingers, david. >> i feel like a million dollars. >> all right. good morning. i was going to say something else but let's get to the traffic, shall we? this is a look at the west
8:50 am
bound bay bridge. no problem but the traffic got betterment then it got slower again. people may have say, hey, looks good. i want to go out. this is about a 20 minute delay. a look at 880 which is typically slow from san leandro. the biggest problem is northbound 17/north brown 880. a note accident has two lanes blocked and traffic is now backed up to highway 85 and even highway 85 is feeling the pain here as people are coming up on 17 and they are getting into a flight. >> a million dollars does not go as far. >> i feel like a billion. >> there you go. that's much better. thank you, sal. cloudy skies. thunderstorms already out towards the sacramento valley, northern sacramento valley.
8:51 am
i tell you, i put some good stuff on facebook. down under. our photographer says, i've gone all over the place and, heck, it's going to be all over our backyard. that is correct. we get the light rain but possibility of thundershowers increasing over the next few days. i think mendocino county, look at this around williams, i-5. it's already lightning strikes and things are only going to continue to pump up if you will. there is a lot of development taking place and pretty good cloud buildups. this is going to work its way towards us. 50s on the temps, some 60s. mostly cloudy. a decent little breeze for some, not far all but it's in there. as it continues to head towards southern california, we would be on the northern edge of it but all signs point to this
8:52 am
low. and then starting to drop southward but not until late friday into saturday. cloudy, cooler, mostly cloudy. any breaks will help with cloud development for sure. light rain, possibly some showers north and east. better possibility for us tomorrow. a little bit of fog in the mix as well, pretty impressive for may and the rest of the week will be under the influence of this low. temperatures will continue to slide down. showers, possible thundershowers. i would think by friday, most will start to lift southward and head out the area but hold on to it. >> we'll keep an umbrella close by. >> for the next several days, i would. >> time is 8:42. let's check in on our instagram page this morning. i want to show you something. we'll show you some -- yes. even more puma kittens found in the santa cruz mountains. these three babies were found together in the stump of a
8:53 am
redwood tree. on top of that, these babies had the same father as the other litter of puma kittens we showed you. they are beautiful. you can read more by going to our instagram page on ktvu 2. when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at
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that water is so bad it crowed pipes put lying levels of lead into the drinking
8:56 am
water. back here at home, the city of vacaville giving families 30 days to take down roadside memorials on city property. richard kirk patrick's family gathered at a memorial they set up for him on a very busy street where he died in a motorcycle crash two years ago. the city says that memorial is in a median and makes it very dangerous for family members to get to it and neighbors also complained about it being a distraction but his parents say it is where they feel closest to him. it's more than a memorial or a place where my son passed. it's where the love for him lives, too. >> if they do not remove that within 30 days, our staff had go out and remove all the items that tr there. >> the city says that most of the memorials they have been around for more than a year and now they are offering to have the families pay 100-dollar for signs marking the spots but
8:57 am
those signs will also be taken down after a year. in sports, the san jose sharks' lead is now down to 2 games to 1 in their series with the nashville predators. the sharks scored in the first period and the predators responded with four goals, winning 4-1. it was the first time that the sharks lost on the road in the playoffs. game 4 is tomorrow in nashville. game 5 saturday in back here. and number 6 is going to be in nashville. >> who is the number 1 golfer in the world right now is. >> not twoodz. >> you're right. jason day. tiger woods is ranked what in the world? >> 508. he has been injured and has not played. what an amazing story from
8:58 am
where he was to where he is now speaking of amazing stories, we'll talk about the golden state warriors and ted cruz makes a shocking announcement, all politics right here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
truz bows out and bernie sanders bounces back. we'll break down how indiana changed the presidential race and what's next. the ktvu political reporter russ palombo. and the attempt to legalize marijuana here in california. she is a star of stage and film and he is a producer. we'll talk about their new show, the empty nesters. i


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